From the Swiss top brand CP, we equip helmets with a visor of your choice as a unique service! You can find more tips in the CP ski helmet with visor selection guide and blog.

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shopping_cart CP Camurai ski helmet black - photochrome & polarised visor - choose from 6 types !

The CP Camurai is the most classic CP in one helmet, with its great fit and technical features. The...


shopping_cart CP Corao+ Carbon ski helmet black blue shiny - photochromic & polarized visor (3 Choices) - very safe

This CP Corao+ Carbon ski helmet with visor is extra safe. The ski helmet has a sporty design and a very...


shopping_cart CP visor for ski helmet - single lens - for another weather / look - fits Cp helmets

Choose your CP Skihelm Visor with single lens for a different weather type or just a different look.


shopping_cart CP ski helmet visor loose photochromic - for any weather type - fits on Cp Ski helmets

Choose your CP Skihelm Visor with photochromic lens for each weather type or just a different look.


shopping_cart CP ski helmet visor loose photochromic & polarised - fits on all Cp Ski helmets

Choose the best, a CP Skihelmet visor with photochromic & polarized lens. Only by us you can choose between...


shopping_cart Kask Chrome Ski helmet with Visor - Irrirdium Visor (โ˜/โ˜€) Cat.2

Helmet with Visor Kask Class Sport Navy - Iridium Mirror Visor


shopping_cart CP Camurai ski helmet white - photochrome & polarised visor - choose from 6!

The CP Camurai is the most classic CP ski helmet with visor and known for its great fit and technical...


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The ski helmet with visor - The ski helmet of the future!
 The ski helmet with visor - The ski helmet of the future !

With a ski helmet with visor (ski helmet with goggles in one) you can really enjoy yourself on the slopes! What a beautiful wide view and very comfortable, because the pressure of ski goggles on your face is a thing of the past. Also the best ski helmet for glasses wearers, because they just keep the glasses on and nothing fogs up anymore! You can also enjoy the sun on the chairlift, because the visor can be opened and closed quickly and easily, even with your gloves on. And if the weather changes or you want a different look, a ski helmet replacement visor can be quickly adjusted. 

In the mirror you should get used to the visor for a short time, but on the slopes it is its great strength!

Ski helmets with visor are appearing more and more often!

Ski helmets with visors (ski helmet and goggles in one) are becoming more and more common on the slopes and are clearly the helmet of the future due to their many advantages. Visor helmets are available for women, men and children. We have a very large selection of ski helmets with visors, including children's ski helmets with visors. Also much safer, because your child sees much more and reacts faster! In addition, the face is better protected with a visor helmet and the visor is comfortable and does not press on the face as with goggles. In addition, your child cannot lose the goggles! 

Below you will find all the information you need about ski helmets with visors. Do you already know enough? Then go to the desired ski helmet with visor page via the link.

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The 10 most frequently asked questions about visor ski helmets

We have put as much information as possible on our site and also created a Ski Helmet Buying Guide Pagina. An overview of the 10 most frequently asked questions about ski helmets with visors are summarised below.

Visor Ski HelmetAdvantages

  • Beautiful wide field of vision, much wider than goggles with frame edge

  • The ski helmet for spectacle wearers, they can simply stop the spectacles!

  • Visor and goggles do not fog up due to sufficient ventilation behind the visor.

  • A ski helmet visor is comfortable and does not press into the face like ski goggles.

  • The ski helmet visor protects the face more with a ski accident.

  • Visor is quick to open & close, e.g. with nice weather in chairlift

  • Ski helmet and goggles together, you can't forget the goggles!

  • Easier to put on because you don't have a loose ski helmet and goggles.

  • Easier to wear, no need to carry ski helmet goggles loose

  • Lots of choice Los Skihelmet Visor for different Weather and/or Look!

In our opinion, the ski helmet with visor has no real disadvantages, possibly these can be disadvantages.


Visor Ski Helmet Disadvantages

  • Some people think Ski helmet with goggles ladies / gentlemen loose is more beautiful.

  • A visor is a bit bigger than goggles and takes some getting used to (but on the piste its great strength).

  • Perhaps an expensive ski helmet and goggles have just been purchased.

  • Helmet with visor winter sports is more expensive to buy (ski helmet and goggles together)

Pay attention to the following points when purchasing a Ski Helmet with Visor:


  • determine the size of the helmet and make sure it is comfortable to wear

  • close the visor and see if it fits the face properly

  • choose the type of visor: reflective, multicoloured and/or polarising

  • choose the ski helmet model and the colour and finish as desired

Would you like to know more? Then read our extensive page with buying tips for ski helmets with visor.

CP ski helmets - best ski helmet with visor for spectacle wearersFor spectacle wearers, Ski Helmets with Visor are ideal because you can keep the spectacles under the visor! However, not all visor helmets are suitable as ski helmets for spectacle wearers. Make sure that the visor turns well in front of the glasses. Not all brands are able to do this and then you keep on fooling around with your glasses when putting on and off the ski helmet. 

The best ski helmets with visor for spectacle wearers are from CP, a Swiss top brand that has focused on visor helmets alone for over 15 years. You can also choose from more than 20 types of Skihelmet Visors, which we assemble for you for free!

In our opinion, the best Skihelmet with Visor on the market is from the brand CP. This Swiss top brand has been focusing completely on Ski helmets with visor for more than 15 years and the motto is: good is not good enough! The brand is growing strongly and is already the market leader in the Alps in the higher segment.

Why CP Ski helmets are best


  • Fantastic fit and a beautiful finish 

  • Lots of choice in Models & Colours for Women, Men and Kids

  • Best ski helmet for spectacle wearers (visor turns extra wide open)

  • Choose from more than 20 Sights! Also Multicolouring & Polarising

  • Perfect all-round visor sealing and a beautiful wide field of vision

  • Everything is beautifully finished, e.g. the size adjustment in neck warmer

  • The ski helmet Visor is easy to open and close even with gloves on

  • There are many beautiful CP Ski helmet Accessories available

CP is in our opinion the best seen from our more than 10 years of experience as a Skihelmet with Vizier specialist. We have gained this experience from many brands and annual visits to the winter sports fair in Munich. But also from reactions from customers who come to try on their ski helmet and the choice of famous athletes, such as Tom Coronel, Gerhard Berger, Swiss Ski legend Daniel Mahrer and Prins Albert von Monaco.

Would you like to know more? Then read our extensive page about the best ski helmet with visor.

Photochromic visor

The trend of the last few years is the Skihelmet with Photochrom Visor. Such a ski helmet visor is ideal and is also called photochromic, self tinting or vario visor. A photochromic visor is really nice because it automatically and fairly quickly becomes up to 30% darker in more sunlight. If the sun disappears, the visor also becomes lighter again. So you are actually ready for all types of weather (except heavy snowfall.) Because one visor for heavy snowfall up to a clear blue sky does not exist, that Spectrum is too big. For heavy snowfall, a Skihelm visor can be ordered separately.

example of a photochromic ski helmet visor

Polarising Visor

A polarising ski helmet visor is also particularly pleasing. It provides more contrast, your eyes become less tired and you can react faster. You see the pits on the piste better and the piste doesn't look like one big white surface. It also reduces extreme reflections of snow and ice. For the best vision, choose a Polarising & Self-Colouring Visor. This type of visor is only possible for the ski helmet brands Slokker & CP.

ski helmet visor polarizing for sharper vision

Just like ski goggles, visors are also available in many colours and types that protect you against UV light. To make it easier to see for which weather the visor can be used, there are different categories. In the picture you will find the categories, where the percentage indicates how much sunlight is transmitted.

Ski helmet Visor Lens Category

  • category 0 - transparent, to be used for evening skiing

  • category 1 - slightly tinted, for cloudy weather with little sunshine

  • category 2 - moderately coloured, for clear weather and lots of sunshine

  • category 3 - dark coloured, for very clear weather and bright sunshine

  • category 4 - very dark, for very bright sunshine (mountaineering & high mountains)

ski helmet visor lens category

Ski Helmet Visor Lens Colours

When choosing the visor, it is also important what you like to look at yourself. Just watch a ski slope on TV, the skiers on stage probably all have ski goggles with a different lens colour, in the same weather conditions. Think also when you go on holiday, e.g. in March then you have more chance of sunny weather. Or choose a multicoloured visor, so you are ready for any type of weather.

Below is an overview of the weather conditions in which the colour is often used

  • Fog and Snow - yellow, orange or transparent

  • Cloudy weather - blue, purple and red

  • Sunny weather - black, grey, silver and brown

At CP you have the largest choice and you can choose from more than 20 types of visors! There are even different visor shapes. 

Read all about CP Visors on the extensive page we made about them.

The heart of a Ski helmet with visor is the visor and the type of lens finish determines the price. You can choose between: mirrored, multicoloured (photochromatic) and multicoloured and polarised. 

Visor helmet expensive? Don't forget that it's a ski helmet with goggles in one and that a quality Oakley ski goggles also costs more than € 200,- !

Between a Ski Helmet with Visor for Ladies and Gentlemen there is no difference in fit and most helmets are Unisex.

However, there are ski helmets especially for ladies with visor with a beautiful print or e.g. with Swarovski stones.

cp cuma cubic - buy ski helmet with visor ladies - ski helmet with visor women buy

Ski helmet Sights are available separately from various Skihelmet brands. Easy to replace without tools. Please go to the Skihelmet exchange Visor page.

Buy your ski helmet visor separately - large selection at topsnowshop

What is the difference between expensive and cheap ski helmet with visor?

A visor helmet is a ski helmet and goggles in one and often no more expensive than helmet and goggles separately. Certainly if you consider the price / quality ratio, because as already described, the ski helmet with visor has many advantages. However, there is a big difference in the price of visor helmets, which can have to do with many accessories. Often you notice the quality of the workmanship, especially on the back of the ski helmet. In cheap ski helmets, the turning wheel is not or not properly finished with a warm neck warmer (see picture). The finish of the ski helmet shell in matt gloss or carbon also often makes it more expensive. And some ski helmets are cheaper to produce because they all come from the same template, such as some models of Slokker, Mango and Alpina ski helmets, among others.

Also pay attention to the quality of the visor. Certainly with cheap ski helmets, the seal of the visor is not always good, and snow can get into the helmet. If you wear goggles, make sure that the visor turns well in front of the goggles. Otherwise the glasses will be pushed into your face and it won't feel comfortable. With many brands this is not optimal, except with the CP ski helmet with visor, where the visor turns extra far in front of the glasses. Check if there is foam on the bottom of the ski helmet visor for comfortable wearing. And note the type of visor on the helmet, for example, a visor that rubs along with the helmet is more expensive. With the cheap ski helmets (such as the ski helmet from Lidl) you often can't buy separate interchangeable visors, which means you can't adjust the ski helmet!

example expensive ski helmet with carbon finish

You can also find more buying tips on our visor ski helmet advice page:

Do you need more information about the ski helmet with visor?

Don't hesitate any longer between the visor ski helmet or loose ski goggles, because the ski helmet with visor has many advantages! Do you have further questions when buying a ski helmet with visor Women, Men and Child? We will be happy to help you! Ask your question by e-mail or via the contact form and you will receive an answer within 24 hours! Would you like an immediate answer? You can always call us, or send a Whats-App message or use our chat service.

Can't wait that long? Check out the FAQ, the ski helmet with visor buying guide or our YouTube channel.

Proud owners of a CP ski helmet with visor - Prince Albert of Monaco and Formula 1 driver Gerhard Berger with his wife
Proud owners of a CP ski helmet with visor - Prince Albert of Monaco and Formula 1 driver Gerhard Berger with his wife

A ski helmet with visor is a ski helmet with goggles in one and is also called: ski visor helmet, visor ski helmet, ski helmet with visor, visor helmet ski, ski helmet with flip-up visor, ski helmet with integrated visor or ski helmet integral.

Why buy a ski helmet with visor at TopSnowShop?

CP Carachillo XS Children's ski helmet with visor or for women with small headBuy Ski Helmets with Visor with 100% TopService

  • Largest selection of ski helmets with visor in Europe, with > 200 Models!
  • Order the visor ski helmet carefree with Trusted Shops buyer protection
  • Fast delivered over the whole world also by Express Shipping
  • Real TopService, 98% of our customers recommend us!

Unique service! - Custom-made visor ski helmets with visor of your choice

The heart of ski helmets with visor is the ski helmet visor. There is a wide choice here and not everyone likes or needs the same one. That's why we offer a free service for fitting ski helmets with visors. The service is unique and cannot be found anywhere else. You can simply select the ski helmet with visor you want online on the product page. Choose your own CP ski helmet visor - unique service from topsnowshop.

Choose your own CP ski helmet visor - unique service from topsnowshopCustomisation is now only possible with a CP ski helmet with visor. No disaster, because they make the best visor helmets on the market. It may also be possible in consultation with ski helmets with visor from Kask or Mango. 

Helmet with visor ski easy buy online at TopSnowShop.eumeasure the ski helmet size

You have decided to buy a ski helmet with visor (ski helmet with goggles)? Then order the visor helmet conveniently online at TopSnowShop. Would you like to know which ski helmet size is right for you? On our website you will find detailed fit recommendations for determining your head size. You can use these to choose the right ski helmet size. Use the various filter options to find exactly the ski helmet that fits you best.

All ski helmets with visors shown in our online shop are in stock and available for immediate delivery. Your visor helmet ordered on weekdays before 14:00 = shipped the same day. To an adress outside of the European Union we do not charge customs VAT for the ski helmet with visor on orders. However, there might be customs charges helmet with visor ski that will have to be paid by the customer. We ship the helmet with visor ski out of Europa also with Express Shipping! Our TOP- service is rated as excellent by our customers!

The No. 1 among the top brands for the wintersporters!

So are you going to the snow soon? And are you looking for a cool, comfortable ski helmet with visor? Then TopSnowShop is the shop for you, because nowhere else will you find a larger selection of ski helmets with visor from top brands in stock. You can buy a ski helmet with visor from the following TOP brands with us: CP, Kask, Casco, Mango, Slokker, Bollé, Uvex and Osbฤ™. Buying a ski helmet online is easy and we deliver very quickly from stock. You can also contact us for a ski helmet replacement visor, ski helmet accessories, ski helmet bags, ski goggles, ski bags and take advantage of the SALE!

So, do you want a helmet with visor ski with fantastic fit and visibility (also for glasses wearers) than go for your visor ski helmet or snowboard helmet with visor is to No.1!

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