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The Ski helmet with Visor Child is clearly the Future !

With a Ski helmet with Visor Child safe & cool looking down the slopes!

With a cool ski helmet with Visor for your child can safely get down the slopes! The children's Ski Helmet with Visor has many advantages and is growing rapidly. Your child sees a lot more and can respond sooner! The Visor protects the face better and is quick to open & close. It is lovely and does not press in the face like a ski goggles, which they can also no longer lose anymore! Also ideal for Spectacle Wearing Kids, because they can just keep wearing the glasses inside the helmet!

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More and more winter sports enthousiasts opt for the Visor helmet

The Ski Helmet with Visor for Children is clearly the ski helmet of the future due to its many advantages. Almost all major helmet manufacturers are responding to this with an ever wider range of products, now also the Children's Ski Helmet with Visor. Also safer and who does not want the best for your child. The many benefits are presented below.

Benefits of the Ski helmet with Visor Child

• CP ski helmet with visor child - the best ski helmet with visor on the market for childrenBeautiful wide view field, much wider than Ski goggles with frame edge
• Ideal for Kids with Glasses, who can just keep wearing the Glasses!
• Visor & Glasses do not fog due to adequate ventilation behind the visor
• Visor is comfy and does not press in the face, like a ski goggles
• Your child's face will be better protected in the event of a crash
• There are Loose Visors for a different weather type or look!
• Visor is quick to open & close even with gloves on
• Your child can no longer forget the ski goggles, when eating or the apres ski!
• Easier to put on, because you have no seperateski goggles and ski helmet
• Easier to carry, because you only have to bring the helmet

What types of Ski helmet Visors are there for Children?

The children's ski helmet with Visor is standard equipped with an Orange Visor with category 2. Such a visor is intended for use in bad weather. If the visor is provided with a (cool) mirror coating, then the sun will block. You can also buy a separate Visor, for a different weather type or for a different helmet look!

A visor is just like a Ski goggle in many varieties and protects your child from UV light and snow blindness. The Categories have to do with the lens color and the weather type in which you want to use it. The percentage indicates how much sunlight is filtered through the visor, see also the picture below.

ATTENTION: With some Visor helmets you can not buy a separate Visor, which limits you in the possibilities!

So if you want to buy a save ski helmet for your child, than buy a ski helmet with visor for yuor child!

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