What is the best Ski Helmet with Visor for Spectacle Wearers?

The best ski helmet for spectacle wearers is the ski helmet with visor, because you can simply hold your glasses under the visor. But not every visor helmet is a good ski helmet and suitable as a ski helmet for glasses wearers! What you have to make sure of is that the visor rotates nicely and well in front of the glasses. Because otherwise you will keep sucking your glasses when you put on and take off your ski helmet. Especially if your goggles have a big frame, you'll have problems with that and it will cause irritation. And if there is not enough space between the visor and your glasses, there is also the possibility that your glasses will be pressed into your face.

The best ski helmet with visor for men and women who wear glasses is from the Swiss top brand CP. This ski helmet brand has thought of everything and the visor rotates extra roomy for the glasses with this brand! The visor rotates more openly over the helmet shell than other visor helmet brands. This is also nice for days when it snows, because the visor does not scrape the snow off the ski helmet shell. Otherwise, this wet snow can damage the inside of the visor and your foam. See also the picture below.

The ski helmet visor can be easily opened and closed in 2 positions even with a glove. Certainly perfect on the chairlift when the sun is shining. You can open the visor after you get on and close it again when you get off the lift.

So if you are looking for the best ski helmet with visor for glasses wearers men or women then CP is the No.1 helmet for glasses wearers! See also the tips on the different ski helmet visors.

Best ski helmet with visor for spectacle wearers men or women then CP is the no.1 helmet for spectacle wearers