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Helmet with Visor Kask Class Sport Navy - Iridium Mirror Visor


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The CP Camurai is the most classic CP in one helmet, with its great fit and technical features. The...


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Ski helmet with Visor Woman has the future!

The Winter sport enthusiast increasingly opts for a Visor helmet

ski helmet with visor woman buy at - also exchange visor for ski helmetThe Ski Helmet with Visor Woman is the trend in recent years and is the future because of the many advantages. The Top Brands also respond to this with a wider range of Visor helmets. There is even a Ski Helmet with visor Woman of CP with Swarovski Stones in Black and White. Or the CP Cuma with lovely warm Cashmere lining in Trendy lady colours. Also from Brunotti, Kask and Mango there are special Woman ski helmets in Pink and Crème.

The Ski Helmet with Visor Woman is available in Unisex and Woman-Only

The ski helmet with visor Woman is available in Unisex (Woman & men) and Woman-only version, for example with Swarovski stones! Visor helmets have many advantages, such as a beautiful wide Panorama picture and extra face protection. No more pressure in your face from the ski goggles, which you do not forget at après-ski! Woman with glasses can simply keep them on with a Visor helmet! Do you want to enjoy the Sun in the chairlift? Open & close the visor quickly with your glove. For other weather or look there are Loose Switch Visors.

Buy a Ski Helmet with Visor Woman with Discount (Sale)? Check out the Special Offers. For advice on buying a Ski Helmet with Visor, click here or scroll down. Check out our Lookbook  with ski helmets for inspiration.

cp ski helmet with visor - the best ski helmet on the market als for goggle wearersThe many advantages of the Ski Helmet with Visor Woman!

•    Beautiful panoramic view, much wider than the ski goggles
•    Ideal for Woman with Glasses, who can just keep wearing the Glasses!
•    Visor and glasses will not fog, there is enough ventilation behind the visor
•    Visor is almost unnoticeable and does not press in face like ski goggles
•    Visor protects your face at the most during a crash on the track
•    There are many types of Loose Exchange Visors for different weather or look!
•    Visor can be quickly opened & closed, e.g. with sunny weather in the elevator
•    You no longer forget the Ski goggles when eating or after après-ski
•    Faster enjoyment, because you only have to put on the ski helmet
•    Easier to carry, because you do not have to hold the ski goggles

What is the best Ski Helmet with Visor Woman?

A ski helmet with Visor for Woman comes unfortunately not much in a test. We can, however, from our own experience of approx. 10 years, recommend what we think is the best. The Swiss CP Ski Helmet with Visor is in our opinion the best on the market! Hereby we paid attention to: fit, finish, visor, eyeglass wearers, design and choice possibilities. At CP is really thought of everything and everything is top level and beautifully finished, such as the neck warmer. Still unknown in the Benelux, but in the Alps CP is one of the largest visor brands!

CP ski helmets are known for the great Fit and Design, are extra Safe & Light, the Lining can be removed and the Ventilation can be controlled. For a perfect fit you can adjust the size with a turning wheel. The sealing of the visor offers optimal protection against the penetration of snow & wind. The foam of the seal is wonderfully soft and ensures that you almost do not feel the visor! For every ski outfit you will find a matching colour ski helmet and there are 15 separate changeable visors (5 co-colouring) for different weather or helmet look! Definitely the No.1 Ski Helmet with Visor for Glasses wearers, because the Visor runs along the glasses with extra space!

The Ski legend Daniel Mahrer and the well-known race car drivers Tom Coronel  and Gerhard Berger have also chosen CP! Look for more information and inspiration on our CP Ski helmet page, the Lookbook and our Blog with Ski Helmet buying tips.

In this video Tom Coronel shows (in Dutch) you why a CP Ski Helmet with Visor is unique!

What Ski helmet Visors are you able to choose from?

Many visor helmets have an Orange Visor with Cat.2 as standard. This is suitable for use in bad weather with clouds or snow. If this orange visor has a mirror coating (Mirror), you block the sun with it. So you actually have a visor for every type of weather. At most brands you can buy a Loose Exchange Visor, such as silver coloured for nice weather. Or you can change the Look of your Ski Helmet with a different colour or type of visor!

A Visor is just like a ski goggle available in many types and protect against UV light and Snow Blindness. The different categories have to do with the lens colour and the weather type for which you can use the visor. The percentage indicates how much sunlight the lens filters, see the image below. The Ski Helmet with meandering Visor has been popular lately, with the visor automatically darkening in the sun. With a polarizing visor you have more sharpness on the slopes and you do not suffer from annoying glare. For those who want the best you can choose from a visor that is meandering & polarizing (only possible with CP & Slokker.)

ATTENTION: With some brands you can not buy a loose switch visor, which limits your possibilities!

lens catagory ski helmet with visor and ski goggles
What is important in the sealing of a ski helmet Visor?

example bad sealing ski helmet with visorThe sealing of the visor is very important, because if it does not close properly, snow can come in. Especially with the cheap Visor helmets this is a point of attention, see also the picture.

The foam on the bottom ensures a wonderful wearing comfort, so you hardly feel the visor. Pressure in your face of a ski goggles is also a thing of the past! This foam is not always present as standard and you difference between cheap ski helmet with visor and expensivesometimes have to buy separately from the ski helmet, as with Mango.

What is the difference with expensive and cheap Ski Helmet with Visor?

The visor helmet is ski helmet and ski goggles in one and usually not more expensive than a loose ski helmet & goggle. For the price you get a lot more quality, because as written the helmet has many advantages. Yet there is a lot of price difference with the ski helmet with visor. That is due to many factors. F

Often you can see the quality of the finish on the back of the ski helmet. With a cheap ski helmet the adjustment knob is not finished with a warm neck warmer (see picture). A helmet shell that is finished in Carbon or Matte color is often more expensive to make. Some helmets come from one mold and are thus cheaper to make. There are the same types of ski helmets from the brand Slokker, Mango and Alpina!

Also pay attention to the quality and sealing of the Visor, because you do not want snow in your sight! If you are a glasses wearer, pay close attention that the visor runs smoothly in front of your glasses. Otherwise, the glasses will be pressed against your face and the helmet will not feel comfortable. The Visor type also determines the price for a large part, so some helmets have a more expensive, self-tinting visor as standard. With the cheap ski helmets is often no loose visor for sale and so you can not change the helmet!


In welke maat Is de Skihelm met Vizier Dames verkrijgbaar?

Voor Dames hebben we Vizierhelmen vanaf maat 52 cm t/m 64 cm (XXL). Bij alle Ski helmen die we aanbieden is de maat te verstellen. In de onderstaande afbeelding zie je de gemiddelde hoofdomtrek aflezen van dames.

skihelm maat bepalen - hoofdomvang gemiddeld bij volwassenen en kinderen

Maat Skihelm met Vizier Dames bepalen?

Meet de hoofdomtrek horizontaal op, ongeveer 2 cm boven de wenkbrauwen en net iets boven je oren. Lees nu de omtrek in cm af en je kunt met de filter de juiste maats ski helm kiezen. Als je geen meetlint hebt, klik dan hier om een meetband te printen op A4.
Tip: Is de Dames Skihelm een cadeau of is het hoofd niet te meten, meet de binnenkant van een andere helm of baseball pet dan op !

Informatie nodig over Skihelm met Vizier Dames?

Vragen bij het kopen van een Skihelm met Vizier Dames? Bij TopSnowshop beantwoorden wij je vragen graag en snel. Stel je vraag via of het  contactformulier en binnen 24 uur heb je antwoord ! Wil je direct antwoord? Gebruik dan onze chat service of bekijk de faq met de meest gestelde vragen.

Waarom een Skihelm met Vizier Dames kopen bij TopSnowShop?

Grootste aanbod Vizierhelmen voor Dames van Topmerken!

Binnenkort naar de sneeuw? Wil je een coole, comfortabele Skihelm met Vizier Dames kopen? Dan ga je natuurlijk naar TopSnowShop, al bijna 10 jaar de shop voor Skihelmen! Nergens vind je een groter aanbod Topmerken op voorraad, tegen scherpe prijzen! We hebben zelfs meer dan 100 soorten Skihelmen met Vizier (ook Meekleurend) voor Dames, Heren en Kind. Hiermee behoren we tot de grootste aanbieders in Europa! 

We verkopen Vizierhelmen van de volgende TOP merken: Alpina, Bollé, Brunotti, Casco, CP, Kask, Mango, Osbe, Slokker en Uvex. Daarnaast kun je bij ons ook terecht voor een: Skihelm, Skibril (ook OTG) โ€‹los Skihelm Vizier, Backprotector, Skihandschoenen, Skihelmtas en veel Ski Accessoires. Profiteer ook van de Aanbiedingen!

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Wil je een Skihelm met Vizier Dames kopen en gelijk afhalen? Dat kan bij TopSnowShop in Nieuwerbrug (Zuid-Holland). Geef het wel even door, want sommige types liggen op een andere locatie, wat langer duurt. Nieuwerbrug ligt aan de A12 tussen Utrecht, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Leiden en Den Haag. Bezorgd in Nederland en België in 1-2 werkdagen voor maar € 4,90 en gratis > € 150,- Ruilen is gratis en ruim 95% van onze klanten raad ons aan!

Dus, wil je een skihelm met Vizier voor Dames kopen? Ga voor een skihelm met Vizier Dames van topmerk naar

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