cp cuma ski helmet with visor climate+The CP Cuma has the same great fit as the CP Camurai, but has the advanced ventilation system CLIMATE+. This system has a breathable membrane that always guarantees a pleasant climate in the ski helmet. The Cuma ski helmet with visor is also available in the Cashmere, Swarovski and Cubic variants. With the same great fit, but the earpieces and helmet shell are finished in an even more stylish way. For more info, scroll down โฌ!

Express delivery of the Cuma helmet within 1 day to all of Europe is possible or 3 days worldwide!


CP ski helmet visor loose photochromic - for any weather type - fits on Cp Ski helmets

Choose your CP Skihelm Visor with photochromic lens for each weather type or just a different look.


CP ski helmet visor loose photochromic & polarised - fits on all Cp Ski helmets

Choose the best, a CP Skihelmet visor with photochromic & polarized lens. Only by us you can choose between...


CP visor for ski helmet - single lens - for another weather / look - fits Cp helmets

Choose your CP Skihelm Visor with single lens for a different weather type or just a different look.


The CP Cuma - The all-in-one climate wonder

The CP's own CLIMATE+ adjustable ventilation system ensures a pleasant climate in the ski helmet. This is achieved by a combination of active ventilation and many ventilation openings with a breathable CP-TEX membrane. This membrane provides optimal protection against snow, wind, cold and moisture. At the same time, moisture is absorbed into the helmet and the ski helmet can ventilate.

cp cuma visor ski helmet with climate+ ventilation

The CP Cuma Skihelmet is the ultimate feel-good helmet.

The CP Cuma all-in-one ski helmet is available in different sizes. The ski helmet sits comfortably with the soft lining and you almost don't feel like sitting down. The soft lining and earpieces are removable and washable. The ear cushions provide reliable protection for the ears against cold, wind and moisture. These earpieces are very easy to remove, for example on a warm day and easy to attach again.

Optionally, you can even purchase CP Audio earpieces to replace the current one. The CP Cuma is extra safe because of the Hybrid helmet shell and the weight of the helmet including visor is only +/- 620 grams. For the perfect fit, the helmet is optimally adjustable with a dial. This makes the CP Cuma ski helmet perfect for women and men who want to enjoy a good view and want to look good on the slopes! The CP Cuma also comes very well out of a ski helmet with visor test of 2 ski instructors, see also the video met CP Cuma test.

The CP Cuma is available in 2 more versions in addition to the classic version.

CP Cuma Cashmere

kasjmir goats for the cuma cashmere liningAt the Cuma Cashmere the inner lining and ear cushions are made of Cashmere for the highest wearing comfort. This fashionable material is made of fine fibers from the undercoat of Kashmir goats living in the Kashmir region. The material is very popular because it is soft, airy and light, which you can't get from other types of wool such as Merino wool. 

Because of its very good heat-insulating properties the CP Cuma Cashmere is always comfortable. On cold days your head stays warm in a pleasant, light and airy way. On warm days it will not feel annoyingly warm due to its insulating properties. It's not for nothing that cashmere sweaters are also available for summer wear.

This 100% pure material comes from the world famous Italian cashmere processor Loro Piana. The material has the natural ability to regulate temperature, adapt to high humidity and resist odors. Thus, the CP Cuma Cashmere is the best choice for people who are looking for an elegant ski helmet with a breathable warmth.

cp cuma cashmere lining


CP Cuma Swarovski

cuma swarovski ski helmetThe Cuma Swarovski is specially made for the elegant ladies. Various Swarovski crystals have been applied to the top layer of the CP Cuma series for this special CP ski helmet line.

The Swarovski stones are accurately glued to the outer shell, with of course a special glue to ensure maximum hold even in extreme conditions. In this way, the Cuma Swarovski ski helmet will continue to shine for many winters and you will make glamour on the slopes...

Choose the type of CP Skihelmet visor - we'll assemble it for you for free!

The CP Cuma has an excellent price / quality ratio, where the price depends on the chosen ski helmet visor. You can choose the type of visor yourself and we will assemble it for you for free as a service! For example, there is a Polarised Visor and / or Photochromic Visor (also called Photochrome or Vario Visor).

A photochromic visor automatically darkens on sunny days, so you're ready for any type of weather! With a polarised visor you have an even better view and you can see the bumps better on the slopes. With the visors, everything has been thought of and at top level. The CP visor is ideal for spectacle wearers, the seal is perfect and the choice in visors is enormous. All information about the different visors can be found here.

Why buy a CP Ski helmet with visor?

CP has from the beginning focused on making Visual helmets for the demanding winter sports enthusiasts. Although the classic ski helmet is still popular, there is no doubt: the future is for the Vizierhelmet and CP has responded to that. This specialism is reflected in everything at CP. With TopSnowShop we have been selling many visor helmets for years, but we haven't come across a better brand than CP. The Swiss helmets are produced in Italy from carbon and polycarbonate, to which the highest demands are made.

Advantages CP Skihelmet

  • Sublime fit, developed from 30 years of experience
  • Everything is very nicely finished, such as the neck warmer
  • CP Camurai and CP Cuma extra safe Hybrid helmets
  • Standard there is a choice of different sights
  • Adjustable with a spinning wheel, even with gloves
  • For each ski outfit there is a matching color CP ski helmet.
  • Comes with ski helmet bag and cloth to clean visor

Advantages CP Visor

  • The visor opens wider, especially for spectacle wearers
  • Beautiful Panorama image (much wider than goggles with frame edge)
  • Does not press into face like ski goggles and gives extra protection
  • Best seal against snow & water penetration and very soft
  • Loose Sights come in more than 20 varieties for different weather or look
  • Visor is quick to open & close with glove, e.g. in the ski elevator
  • No more loose goggles, which you can't forget...
If you look in the mirror you need to get used to the visor, but on the slopes it becomes his greatest strength!

CP cuma Ski helmet visor

The CP Success story

CP from Switzerland [pronounce: si-pi] was founded more than 10 years ago by Claudius Pfister. The owner has worked at Alpina for about 20 years on the development of ski helmets. CP's mission was to develop the best ski helmet with visor in the world! In our opinion it worked out well, because we didn't come across a better visor helmet! CP is still a bit unknown in the Benelux, but in the Alps CP belongs to the biggest brands of Visor Helmets. CP even expects to be market leader in the higher segment of visor helmets worldwide by 2020.

100% TopService at TopSnowShop

  • We deliver all over the world
  • Largest range of Ski helmets with visor online
  • True TopService, 98% of our customers recommend us!

So do you want a ski helmet with a great Fit, Ventilation and Vision (also glasses wearers), than choose for the CP Cuma Ski helmet!

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