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With a ski helmet with visor (ski helmet with goggle in one) you really enjoy the slopes! What a beautiful wide view and very comfortable, because pressure from the ski goggle in your face is a thing of the past. And the Best Ski Helmet for glasses wearers, cause they keep the glasses on and they won't fog up anymore!

Now enjoy the sun in the chairlift, because the visor is quick and easy to open & close with gloves. And if the weather changes or you want a different look, the ski helmet visor is quickly adjustable. If you want more info first, go to our Ski helmet with visor buy advice page or read more at the bottom of the page.


The Ski helmet with Visor, such great Benefits!

Ski helmet wit visor of top brand buy? go to for ski helmets with visor of top brandsThe Ski helmet with Visor is the Future!

The Ski helmet with Visor is the trend and is availablefor Women, Men and Child.and is because of the many benefits also clearly the helmet of the Future. These Ski Helmets with Visor (Ski Helmet and Goggles) are on the rise and the big brands are responding to this with an ever wider range, now also with the Children's Ski Helmet with Visor. Also much safer, because your child sees a lot more and responds faster! The face is better protected with a Ski Helmet with Visor and the Visor is lovely and does not press your face like a Ski Goggle. Your child will not lose the ski goggles anymore!

In the Mirror the Visor of the ski helmet is getting used to, but on the slopes it is his great strength! Buy the Ski Helmet with Visor with Discount? Then see the Offers ( Ski helmet with Visor sale). Need inspiration? View our Ski helmet with Visor Lookbook with Ski Helmets with Visor.

The Ski helmet with Visor - 10 Benefits!

•    Beautiful wide field of view, much wider than ski goggles with frame edge
•    The Ski helmet for eyeglass wearers, they can just keep wearing the glasses
•    Visor and glasses do not fog through adequate ventilation behind the visor
•    A Ski Helmet Visor is comfortable and does not press face like ski goggles.
•    The Ski Helmet Visor protects the face more with a ski accident
•    Visor is quick to open & close, e.g. with good weather in chairlift
•    You can no longer forget the ski goggles when eating or at après ski!
•    Easier to put on because you have no loose ski goggles and ski helmet
•    All in one ski helmet is easier to carry, because you only have to hold the ski helmet
•    Many Exchange Visors Also Photochromic - Coloring) for other Weather & Look!

Below an example of the Loose Exchange Visors of CP. Also from Kask, Mango, Slokker, Brunotti and Osbę e have a loose Ski Helmet Visor in many shapes and colours!

CP Ski helmet exchange Visor | In many Colors and types - also photochromic ski helmet visor and polarized ski helmet visor

What is the best Ski helmet with Visor!

CP the Best ski helmet with visor for Eyeglass Wearers | buy at topsnowshop.euThe best ski helmet with Visor is difficult to determine because you unfortunately do not see them much in a test. With our ca.10 years of experience gained from many brands, we can recommend what we think is best. In our opinion, the best Ski Helmets with Visor on the market are the Swiss CP. Considering, among other things, wearing comfort of the ski helmet, visor, suitable as ski helmet for eyeglass wearers, styling and choice options. At CP [pronounced: si-pi] at the Ski Helmet with Visor everything has been thought of, of top level and neatly finished, such as the neck warmer. The CP brand is still relatively unknown in the Benelux but in the Alps it is one of the biggest brands!

The CP Ski Helmet with Visor is known for the fantastic Fit and Styling, is very Safe & Light, the Lining is removable and the Ventilation adjustable. For the optimal fit, you can fine-tune the size of the ski helmet with a turning wheel. The visor of the ski helmet visor protects you optimally against the penetration of snow & wind. This 3-layer foam feels wonderfully soft and, like a ski goggles, fits perfectly on your face. CP has the Ski Helmet with Visor in a lot of colours, so there is a suitable helmet colour for every Ski outfit. Unique at CP is also the choice of no less than 15 separate Switch Visors (five Coloring), for another Weather or Look! And certainly the best Ski helmet with Visor for eyeglass wearers, because the Visor is running Extra Space in front of the Glasses!

Also ski legend Daniel Mahrer and the famous car drivers Tom Coronel and Gerhard Berger  chose a Ski Helmet with Visor from CP! For more info & inspiration see our CP Ski Helmet page, the Ski helmet Lookbook.

The all in one ski helmet with Visor of CP is unique, Tom Coronel will show you in the video (in Dutch) below!

What type of Ski helmet with Visor are there?

Ski Helmets are often equipped with an Orange Visor with resistance category 2. Suitable for use in bad weather days, so cloudy or snow. If the orange visor of the ski helmet is equipped with a mirror coating (Mirror), this will block the sun. So you are actually ready for any type of weather! With many ski helmet brands you can buy a loose ski helmet visor, e.g. silver for good weather. Or you choose a different colour or type of visor for a different ski helmet look

A Ski Helmet Visor is just like the Ski Goggles in many types and protects against UV light and snow blindness. There are different Categories, which has to do with the lens colour and weather type in which you want to use the Visor. The percentage indicates how much sunlight is filtered through the lens, see also the image below.

The Ski Helmet with Coloring Visor (photochromic) is very popular, with the visor automatically getting darker in Sunny weather. A polarizing Visor gives more sharpness on the track and removes annoying glare. A combination of Coloring & Polarizing Visor is also possible for those who want the best (only possible with a Ski Helmet with Visor from CP & Slokker.)

ATTENTION: With some Visor helmets a loose switch visor is not available, which limits you in the possibilities!

Visor category ski goggles and ski helmet visor
The ski helmet with photochromic visor is very popular, because the visor in sunny weather automatically darkens. A Polarized Visor gives more sharpness on the slopes and gets annoying glare away. Also a combination of Photochromic & Polarizing Visor is possible for those who want the best (only possible at CP Skihelmets with Visor & Slokker Ski helmets with Visor

What to look out for at the sealing the Ski Helmet Visor?

example bad sealing at an ski helmet with visorThe sealing of a Ski Helmet Visor is very important, pay attention to it, especially with a cheap ski helmet. Because if the seal of the Ski Helmet Visor does not close properly, snow can come in, see picture.

The foam on the underside ensures that the visor feels great and you almost do not feel it. It does not impress in your face like a ski goggles! This foam is not always present and with some Ski Helmet brands
like Mango you have to buy this separately as an accessory with the ski helmet

What is the difference between an expensive and cheap Ski Helmet with Visor?

A visor helmet is Ski Helmet and Ski Goggles in one and often no more expensive than helmet and ski goggles loose. Especially when you look at the price / quality ratio because as described, the Ski Helmet with Visor has many advantages. Yet there is a lot of price difference with visor helmets, which can have many parts. For ski helmet purchase tips, see our Ski helmet information Blog & video

Often you see the quality on the finish, especially on the back of the ski helmet. With cheap ski helmets the turntable is not or not nicely finished with a warm neck warmer (see picture). The finish of the ski helmet shell in Mat or Carbon also makes it often more expensive. And some ski helmets are cheaper to make because they all come from the same mold, such as some types of the Slokker, Mango and Alpina Ski Helmets.

difference between cheap and expensive ski helmet is easy to see at the neckwarmer and dial systemAlso pay attention to the quality of the Visor. Especially with cheap ski helmets the visor seal is not always good and snow can come in. If you are wearing glasses, make sure that the visor runs properly in front of the glasses. Otherwise your glasses will be pushed in and that does not feel comfortable. With many brands that is not optimal, except for the ski helmet with visor of CP, the Visor is running well ahead of the Glasses. Check whether there is visor foam on the underside of the ski helmet, for a comfortable fit. And look at the type of visor on the helmet, because e.g. a standard self-tinting visor is more expensive. With the inexpensive ski helmets (such as the Ski Helmet from Lidl), there are often no separate switch visors for sale, so you can not adjust the ski helmet!

Please note that some Visor helmets brands (like Lidl Ski helmets) has no exchange visor available. So you are limited in the opportunities!

In what size are Ski Helmets available with Visor?

The Ski Helmet with Visor for Ladies and Gentlemen we have from size 52 cm to 64 cm (XXL) and larger sizes are not there according to us. The Children's Ski Helmet with Visor we have in size 49 cm (XS) to 56 cm. All Ski Helmets with Visor that we sell are adjustable. Also children's Ski Helmets with Visor, which is ideal because the head is still growing and the ski helmet "grows with it". The figure below shows the average head size for Adults and Children, which is your Ski Helmet size

Ski Helmet with visor size head size-average by adults and children measurement
How measure the Size of a ski helmet with visor?

measure the head size for the size of a ski helmet with visorMeasure for the ski helmet size the circumference of your head horizontally on, about 2 cm above the eyebrows and just slightly above the ears. Read the number of cm cast off and you now know matter what Ski Helmets you can choose with the filter. Tip: Is the ski helmet a gift or you can not measure the head size, measure than the inside of another helmet or a baseball cap!

Information about ski helmet with visor?

Questions when buying a ski helmet with visor for women, men or child? We at TopSnowshop answers all your questions about the all in one ski helmet . Ask questions by the contact form and within 24 hours you have already answered! You can't wait that long? Then use the chat service or view the faq with most frequently asked questions.

Buy easily your Ski Helmet with Visor online!

Buy a Ski helmet with Visor for Woman, Men or Child is easy at The online shop full of top brands for the winter sports enthusiast. The ski helmet with Visor is fur sure the helmet of the future with all its benefits! It’s hard to find online a wider range of the ski helmet with visor of Top Brands such as CP, Casco, Kask, Slokker, Mango and Osbę.

Would you like to buy a ski helmet with visor? Then order this visor helmet easily online and it will be shipped in 1 or 2 working days over the whole world. We do not charge customs VAT for the ski helmet wit visor on orders to an address outside of the European Union. However, there might be customs charges that will have to be paid by the customer. We ship the ski helmet with visor out of Europa for a shipping price less than € 25,-- Our TOP- service is rated as excellent by our customers!

So, if you want to buy a ski helmet visor for women, men or a child? Go for a Ski Helmet with Visor or seperate Ski Helmet Visor to Nr.1!

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