Helmet With Visor CP Carachillo - Yellow - Photochromic - Mirror - ☁/❄/☀
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CP Carachillo vario helmet maize s.t. / maize dl vario lens mc mirror ☁/❄/☀

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CP Carachillo Maize Helmet

A modern, cool and minimalist design distinguishes the new CP Carachillo Maize helmet. Equipped with 6 air vents, the famous SIZE ADAPTING SYSTEM and the new visor DL Vario Lens MC Mirror, specially developed for this model, it offers the perfect equipment for ambitious winter-sports.

Cp carachillo Maize helmet as a whole consists not only of its protective shell and a perfect visor – it’s the many small details making the ALL IN ONE ski helmet that which it is – unique. Digital technology supports the analog processes during development and production.

Cp Carachillo Maize ski helmet is new and cool. No frills. The latest offspring to the CP family entices by its simplicity. Its six air vents ensure that skiers always keep a cool head.

The unique All-in-One helmets CP Carachillo Maize Helmet deliver the ultimate wearing comfort and with the newly developed Comfort Lenses the sight comfort too has reached an outstanding quality. The visors are easy to exchange with a turn of the hand, and they can be purchased one at a time. The interchangeability of the visors is unlimited. The visors are available individually as accessories.

Visor DL Vario Lens MC Mirror for Cp Carachillo Ski Helmet

The Cp Carachillo Visor DL Vario Lens MC Mirror is Photochromic, and Mirror, with Protection ☁/❄/☀
The variable all-weather glass adapts to weather conditions. The Vario lens has an anti-fog coating and thus prevents the formation of condensation. CP‘s self tanning visor effectively supports and relieves your eyes in changing light conditions. 100 % UV protection.

Light transmission VLT 9 % - 43 %  Light absorbtion 20 % - 81 %

The VARIO visor is completely new. Its photochromatic properties darken the visor as the light increases. It allows you to comfortably face any kind of sunlight.  Its polycarbonate provides the best assurance against breakage, and achieves the optical purity of high-quality glass.

The visors are easy to exchange with a turn of the hand, and they can be purchased one at a time. The interchangeability of the visors is unlimited. The visors are available individually as accessories.

CP Carachillo Maize Storage

CP also cares about maintenance and storage: High-quality and velvety bags keep CP Carachillo Maize Helmet and visor safe and clean until the next ski season. The ultra soft micro fibre towelette helps cleaning the visor in a very gentle way. A towelette is enclosed in every helmet box.

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Colour & Finishing Colour & Finishing


for eyeglass wearers for eyeglass wearers
yes, the visor turns wide and perfect for the glasses along
Ski helmet visor category Ski helmet visor category
1 (☁/❄)
ski helmet visor lens ski helmet visor lens
photochromic visor with mirror coating- also in other models (see pictures)
Separate visors available Separate visors available
yes, CP Skihelm Visors are there in more than 20 types!
Ski helmet Visor opening/closing Ski helmet Visor opening/closing
easy to open and close with one hand (also with gloves on)
Visor sealing Visor sealing
perfectly sealed all around against snow, water and wind
100% UV protection 100% UV protection
yes, to protect the eyes
Anti-fog Anti-fog
yes, coating on the inside (here do not clean with cloth then you damage it)
Light absorption Light absorption
56% - 44%
Visor name meaning words
pol = polarized | vario = photochromic | dl = double lens
comes with free CP cloth to clean the visor

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