CP 11 DL Vario Lens Blue Mirror Visor - Cat.1-3 (☁/☀/❄) - For CP Camurai & Cuma SKI HELMET- For CP Cuma & Cp Camurai Ski Helmet

This CP 11 Vario Lens Blue Mirror Visor is an all-wheather Visor that is suitable for all wheather conditions. The visor gives you a fantastic 180 degrees view for a perfect day on the slopes.

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€ 4,90 

€ 124,90
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The Visor has an breathable foam rubber for a soft comfort and protects you against snow, water and ice. Especially for eyeglass wearers turns the visor wide open and is easy to open and close in a single movement. Pressure in your face like a ski goggle is a thing of the past!

CP Visors are available in more than 10 different kinds! Easy to change without tools, for another weather or for a different look. The CP Visor comes with an visor protection bag and fits on the CP Camurai & CP Cuma, but also the Mango Cusna and Alpina Jump!

Specifications  CP 11 DL Vario Lens Blue Mirror Visor:

  • 100% UV protection
  • Anti-Fog coating
  • Made of Polycarbonate
  • Protection level S2-3
  • Light transmission 9% - 80%
  • Light absorbtion 20% - 91%

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: DL Vario Lens Blue Mirror
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